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The trend over many years in retail is that 25% of your customers account for 67% of your sales. So, the importance’s of communicating with that 25% is critical to maintain your margins and grow your business.

Text message marketing has the highest open rate of any digital advertising, but there’s a rub. By law you must get the customer to sign-up. Customers sign-up (or “opt-in”) by texting a keyword to a short code, then they can receive text message offers from you, the retailer.

Texting helps retailers communicate directly with their customers with timely messages and offers, and it has the best engagement rate of any digital marketing media. Approximately 80% of text messages are opened immediately. According to The Daily Mail the average user picks up their phone 85 times a day.


There are two kinds of messages to choose from, SMS and MMS. Standard SMS messages are limited to 160 characters per message. MMS messages can include images and do not have a standard limit. Their maximum size depends on the carrier and the device receiving the message.


Speck Media can help you build a text message database, incentivizing the customers to opt-in through a cohesive marketing campaign using in-store signage, print ads, website sign-ups, seasonal events and a variety of inventive promotions.


Text Messaging


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